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9 been spawned successfully in facilities in both the Mediterranean and the Atlantic region. The repro- ductive dysfunction of wild greater amberjack held in captivity for more than four years in the Mediter- ranean has been described and compared to wild fish that were sampled at the moment of capture. In Atlantic halibut, the use of hormonal implants synchronized egg production and increased the size of egg batches. In the case of wreckfish, sperm production was good and protocols for the characterisation and preservation of sperm have been developed. The sperm of grey mullet has also been characterised using Computer Assisted Sperm Analysis (CASA) methods. Nutrition With regard to nutrition, it has been found that 0.4 per cent dietary highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFA) is not enough to cover the essential fatty acid requirements of meagre larvae and that they seem to also have a high vitamin E and vitamin C requirements. In the case of greater amberjack, the optimum Docosahaxaenoic Acid (DHA) and Eicosapentae- noic Acid (EPA) levels in enrichment products for live prey have been determined in order to avoid slow growth and skull anomalies. Atlantic halibut larvae showed no difference in larval performance when fed either nauplii or on-grown meta-nauplii Artemia until 28 days post first feeding. Taurine in starter diets appeared to promote growth of grey mullet fry. However, the addition of taurine had no effect on meagre larvae. Finally, the fatty acid profile of wreckfish larvae showed little variation in the first ten days of life and underlined the importance of Arachidonic Acid (ARA) for this species. Larval and Grow Out In the area of larval and grow out husbandry, no compensatory growth was found in meagre juve- niles after size grading. On-growing of this species has shown evidence of the importance of cage depth for individuals 26 Containment – Industry pioneer ble to operators looking to move into signifi - cant commercial scale fi sh farming opera ons. Are Fusion Marine's customers increasingly outside Scotland? We have a broad mix of customers both in Scotland and abroad. Our projects abroad in- clude small-scale opera ons and we are o en involved in pilot ini a ves providing equip- ment and consultancy advice. Some have also involved land-based integrat- ed farming systems that include hatcheries. It is tremendously sa sfying seeing such ventures succeed and knowing that you have helped to create jobs and a new source of food supply for local people. Will the industry here meet the govern- ment's 2020 produc on targets? There is no more professional and responsi- ble industry than that found in Scotland, and with a posi ve and common sense approach by planners and regulators, then there is no reason why Scotland cannot meet its produc- on targets. And how can a supplier like Fusion Marine help meet this goal? We can play our role by innova ng and con nually developing new systems and technologies. We liaise with our customers on a con nual basis and this strong rela onship provides a crucial role in this process. What do you think are the greatest technical challenges for the industry? It is probably fair to say that biological challenges are greater than engineering ones. For us, it is a case of con nually inves ng in our opera ons to meet changing aquaculture requirements. The industry has seen huge change over the last 25 years, and it is likely that the next 25 will be equally exci ng and challenging. The key is never to stand s ll and always to innovate and adapt. FF Above: Fusion Marine pen at a Loch Duart site " It is fair to say that biological challenges are greater than engineering ones " Don't let predators remove morts for you LIFT UP Ltd +47 56582711 Call us Suppliers to Marine Harvest, Scottish Salmon Company, Dawnfresh and many more... Visit us at Aquaculture UK STAND 94 DON'T MISS THE UK'S LARGEST AQUACULTURE EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE 25 & 26 MAY 2016 AVIEMORE, SCOTLAND International Aquaculture in Discover Access Informative New Products and Services Conferences To register for the event please visit or email An international event where you can: Meet

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