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Farm mp ards a Global to international The project is being launched by the National Fish & Seafood Company, a US based divi- sion of Pacific Andes Group which is a found- ing member of the GAA and an industry leader in seafood sustainability, along with the GAA and the Sustainable Fisheries Partner- ship (SFP). The company believes it is important that smaller shrimp farms, which make up 80 per cent of shrimp aquaculture, have access to high international certification standards, put- ting them on a level playing field with bigger companies who are certified to standards, such as BAP and ASC, which currently dom- inate the market. "We believe National Fish & Seafood is the only company working with 120 small shrimp farmers in this way," said James Baros, Aqua- culture and Sustainability Coordinator, Na- tional Fish & Seafood, speaking to TheFishSite. "We are running Aquaculture Improvement Projects and developing a model that encour- ages all aqua-farmers, especially small farm- ers, to improve culture methods and to comply with rigorous environmental and so- cial standards. This provides the opportunity to make healthy, safe, and sustainably raised seafood while providing job opportunities for millions of people in the developing world. A food production system that is truly sustain- able environmentally, socially, and economi- cally is a win-win for producers and consumers alike," Mr Baros continued. The demand for certified products is increas- ing around the world as consumers want products which they know have been pro- duced safely and that have guaranteed trace- ability.

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